WordFlip Gameplay

Wordflip can be played by two players simultaniously and doesn't use any dictionary! The other player is asked to approve or disapprove your words.

See here how to setup a new game.

Each player gets 7 letterblocks, which are white on the front and black on the back. They contain two different letters as well. These blocks can be flipped on the playingboard to form new words. Each flip on the board delivers 15 points extra. In the example shown, a player changed "flat" into "elite" by flipping two letters (the blue marked ones) and added the letter E (the red one). This scores 38 points alltogether ( (3 x 1) + 2 + 3 + (2 x 15) ), with only one letter added!

Did you put all your 7 letters on the board? Then you'll get 40 points extra. A word in one colour only (black or white) will double your word score! There is a 3-day time limit to the turns!

The first player can start anywhere on the playing board, wherever he or she likes. Other player must attach to this first word horizontally or vertically.

Once a letter is flipped by you, you can only attach letters in the same horizontal or vertical direction as the combination of your first two turned or played letters on the board. Use the indicator in the game settings for smart assistance!

There are two jokers in the game ( * ) which can be used for any letter. The attached word should use the same character as intended by the other player.

The game can be played in seven themes. In the standard theme, names, shortwriting or locations etc. are not allowed.

When all 96 letters have been played, and a player runs out of all his letters, the game will be over. Remaining letters with the other player are not (dis)counted. The number of rounds don't count. The player who ends up with the highest score wins the game.

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