Setup a game

wfscreen1To play in other games, simply click 'Join a new game', when visible. Then select your game language, theme and number of players. From here you can seat your friends as well.

Once clicked ok, WordFlip will try to match you to other players. Once a game is filled with all seats, it will be launched right away and you'll be able to join up with other games as well.

In the example here you can see Game 1 running, but it's not your turn. On the left, the seat with the yellow circle is you. The seat with the green dot is the player who's on turn. The icons on the right show theme Geography and language Dutch.

In the second game of this example, you are waiting for approval. You've just layed down your letters and the other player still has to (dis)approve.

In the third slot, you just joined a new game of four players, theme standard, Dutch language. You are now waiting for other players to join up with you. Once this game is launched, you can start another one.

Noticed the red 'remove' icon? It will remove you from the joined game. The 'Join new game' button will show again after removal.

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