WordFlip Privacy Policy

The privacy policy concerning thisAndroid game are as follows:

WordFlip uses the 6 following permissions for the purposes as explained below:

1. Wake Lock

We lock your screen for optimum gameplay. Please be advised that battery use of your device might be higher than normal.

2. Write external storage

We save your game-settings and some game-related data to your local storage on your device.

3. Internet and 4. Access Network State

We need to use your internet connection to get you connected to our gameserver.

5. Account information and 6. Read Contacts

Like Whatsapp, we retrieve your primary email address for registration and your Whatsapp id for our intelligent WordFlip friendsfinder. It compares your contact list with our database of registered players to find WordFlip players you already know.

Never will any information be used, sold or passed to others by AppTown.NL! We keep your data confidential at all times.

In the WordFlip settings, you are able to switch off email notifications or receive system related messages only from WordFlip.

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